Case Study: A Large Nonprofit Organization

Improved Digital Marketing Approach Leads to Increased Conversions, Donations & More

d3 Marketing Specialists

the problem

d3 had the opportunity to present its digital marketing capabilities to a large nonprofit organization that was experiencing challenges with its strategy across multiple platforms including Facebook, Remarketing and Google Grants.

The organization was struggling with a lack of data in three key areas:

  • Lack of conversion tracking and reporting
  • Lack of data accessibility and transparency
  • Difficulty obtaining timely reporting to inform future campaign decisions
d3 Marketing Specialists

the solution

d3 conducted a thorough review of the organization’s prior efforts, and immediately implemented a variety of strategies to help improve ROI across the three platforms, including:

  • Improving alignment between landing pages and keywords to strengthen quality score
  • Keyword expansion and addition of ad groups to maximize the Grant account
  • Importing Google Analytics conversion tracking into AdWords and Remarketing and updating all tracking codes, including Facebook.
  • Testing additional ad sizes, ad copy and audiences across all platforms
  • Optimizing all platform campaigns to drive conversions versus site traffic
  • Testing multiple variations of ads, ad groups, messaging and audiences, then optimizing based on conversion performance
d3 Marketing Specialists

the result

Thanks to improvements made to its digital marketing strategy and execution, the nonprofit has increased conversions significantly. Upon analysis of the client’s CRM data, results show that in Q1 alone, donations in Facebook have increased by 692% and Grant donations by 173%.

Improved tracking, optimization and reporting have allowed the client and d3 to work together to drive more donations, lower cost per conversion and hone the organization’s overall digital marketing strategy.

As d3 continues to focus on conversion-driven campaigns and testing across ads and audiences, the organization looks forward to seeing the results of d3’s efforts reflected in its improved digital marketing ROI.

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