Case Study: National Home Services Brand

Agency Partnership Delivers Stellar Email Marketing Acquisition Results for National Home Services Brand

d3 Marketing Specialists

the problem

Specialists Marketing Services/d3 serves as the data and marketing services provider for a number of advertising and creative agencies across the country. One such agency represented a national residential & commercial cleaning services brand that wished to expand its acquisition efforts.

d3 Marketing Specialists

the solution

With the right offer, the d3 team knew that third-party email marketing would be an ideal fit for two reasons: the company has a well-known brand, and third-party data performs particularly well in the home services category.

d3 handled data selection, while the agency followed its recommendations for an attractive offer, a well-crafted landing page and a minimum of three deployments to optimize campaign performance.

d3 Marketing Specialists

the result

With four total deployments to residential audience segments, the campaign achieved open rates more than 6% higher than industry norms. Thanks to a well-thought-out strategy, the client is reaping the benefits of a cash-positive acquisition program.

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