Case Study: Quality online fashion for families

Targeted emails deliver a seamless experience

d3 Marketing Specialists

the problem

Like all online retailers, this fashion brand cares deeply about the performance of its website. Unfortunately, consistent with average cart abandonment rates across online retail, company data showed that 70 percent of shoppers who put merchandise in their shopping carts abandoned those carts without making a purchase. Moreover, the retailer’s existing triggered email program was not identifying enough of these cart abandoners to enable follow-up. The result? Millions of dollars in lost revenue each year.

d3 Marketing Specialists

the solution

To capture this lost revenue and keep shoppers engaged, the retailer turned to d3 for guidance on better converting abandoned carts into sales and acquiring, retaining and reactivating customers with real-time personalized offers.

Using technology recommended by d3, it could identify 40 percent more site visitors, as well as their interests and shopping patterns. This enabled a comprehensive triggered email program that delivers bottom-line results and a seamless experience, whether customers are shopping online or via the brand’s highly rated catalog.

That seamless customer experience includes hyper-segmented selling through highly personalized product recommendations and offers. In the past, if a customer bought a dress, she was automatically recommended more dresses. Now, depending on what the company knows about the customer and her shopping habits, she might be recommended more dresses — or other items such as blouses, shoes or a bag to coordinate with the dress.

What’s more, the brand can now leverage when its customers are visiting other websites that are part of an extensive network — everything from other apparel retailers to jewelers, airlines and hotels —and can choose to send these customers an email when they are in a shopping “frame of mind” and thus more receptive to hearing from the company.

d3 Marketing Specialists

the result

Thanks to targeted emails, this retailer has realized an 81 percent lift in its abandoned cart program. In addition, triggered emails now account for 30 percent of overall email program revenue (compared to 13 percent prior). The program’s success has led the company to engaging site visitors in a highly personalized way via on-site lightboxes.

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