CRM Remarketing

CRM Remarketing

Use Customer Data Analytics to Stay in Front of Potential Buyers

The more you know about your customers via customer data analytics, the better you can target them at the right time with the right content.

That’s why most marketers now use CRM Remarketing systems–a highly effective marketing technique that enables marketers to reach targeted customers via online display advertising while using data from a customer database.

When implemented correctly, CRM Remarketing gives you the power to leverage retention and reactivation campaigns across direct mail, email, and various other digital channels.

The ability to reach customers across various digital marketing channels is very important as the “Marketing Rule of 7” has proven that customers need to be exposed to your content 7 times before they make the decision to purchase.

At d3, we can target existing customers across the digital landscape utilizing the client’s existing 1st-party or CRM database.

This tactic works best when you are looking to…

  • Retain your current customers.
  • Increase repeat purchases or visits.
  • Reward consumer loyalty, which is an efficient way to gain, retain, and grow sales within your core audience.
  • Optimize for new customer acquisition using data from your current customer base.

At the end of a successful campaign, you should notice a considerable increase in online lead generation due to advanced targeting and exposure to your product or service.

Reach Your Audience across Multiple Digital Channels

At d3, we are able to serve display ads to a client’s audience across multiple digital channels for retention and reactivation while using…

  • Mobile ads
  • Inbox ads
  • Display ads
  • Native ads
  • Paid search ads
  • Banner ads
  • Paid social ads
  • Ads in emails

Our team is also equipped to buy, manage, and execute the media for reactivation and retargeting across all channels.

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Increase Sales Leads with Data & Browse Intent Remarketing

Browse intent remarketing segmentation enables marketers to identify more lapsed website visitors in order to define and reach the target market based on online behavior.

This method allows marketers to go beyond predefined audience categories and reach people as they’re making a purchase decision.

Once web visitors are identified based on browse intent data and abandoned carts, it’s easy to retarget them with a new message in hopes of converting them into customers.

Leverage Customer Mailing Lists with Email Append Strategies

Email appending is a marketing practice that involves taking a known customer’s personal data and matching it with a database to obtain CAN-SPAM compliant email addresses that can be used in future marketing efforts.

d3’s email append and verification service makes it possible for you to re-engage with customers who have undeliverable emails and reactivate lapsed customers.

The more contacts you have in your database, the more opportunities you’ll have to connect and engage with potential customers.

Display in Email

Remarketing allows you to dynamically target your lapsed customers with ads in subscriber-based emails.

Using display in email strategies, ads appear in subscriber-based emails that consumers are already engaged with. This makes it easy to retarget warm leads who are already familiar with your content.

With our email remarketing capabilities, advertisers are guaranteed 100% viewability with technology that only delivers ads after emails are opened and images are downloaded. Placements are highly targetable, within thousands of nationally recognized publishers’ emails.

Additionally, display in email can be monetized by utilizing 3rd-party advertising in outgoing emails.

CRM Onboarding and Display Targeting Process

CRM onboarding enables marketers to leverage valuable customer data analytics on behalf of a client in order to improve online marketing efforts. Here’s how it works…

  1. The first step is to collect customer information such as an email address through newsletter subscriptions, lead magnets, surveys, website purchases, etc.
  2. The data is then matched to customers online.
  3. Creative content is produced to speak to the targeted customer.
  4. Display ads are generated and placed on websites, search results, emails, etc., in order to reach the consumer and convince him or her to buy a product or service.

Social Media Platform CRM Onboarding and Targeting

A process similar to the one mentioned above can be used for social media CRM onboarding and targeting. Here’s how it works…

  1. Consumer information is collected via social media platforms.
  2. The data is matched to consumers online.
  3. Creative content is produced to speak to the customers within your target market.
  4. Display ads are generated and placed in various social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest, in order to reach the consumer and convince him or her to buy a product or service.

Search Retargeting and CRM Onboarding

Search retargeting is used by online marketers to target consumers based on their online search habits. In other words, search retargeting might be used for a shoe company to target people who regularly search for “shoes” online.

This specific type of retargeting is designed to find new customers who have most likely never been to the company’s website before.

Here’s how it works…

  1. A person conducts a search for something via a search engine online.
  2. The data collected for the search engine is gathered.
  3. Marketers use the search data to design content.
  4. Content is targeted to consumers via online display ads–increasing online lead generation.

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