digital media planning & buying

digital media planning & buying

Expose Your Audience to a Targeted Marketing Message

Digital Media Planning

The job of a digital media planner is to strategically determine the best combination of media outlets (social ads, display ads, videos, etc.) in order to promote your products or services to prospective online customers.

When executed effectively, digital media planning strategies maximize the impact of your online advertising campaigns, leading to an increase in lead acquisition and sales.

It’s been proven that businesses who strategically plan for and use online marketing mediums like Google AdWords make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend. (Google Economic Impact Report)

Reach Your Target Market Before Your Competition

From display ads and social media advertising to Google Adwords and inbox ads, there are countless digital mediums that can be used to promote your business online.

This is where the challenge lies.

For businesses with little or no experience in various online digital marketing mediums, it can quickly become overwhelming to put together a successful digital media plan.

Even worse, if you’re not an expert with a thorough understanding of how each channel can benefit your business, it’s likely that you’ll miss prime opportunities to promote your brand, find new leads, and improve your bottom line.

That’s why it’s so important to work with a lead generation marketing company that…
  • Knows the ins and outs of each digital media marketing opportunity.
  • Has the experience to do the extensive research that’s necessary for putting a successful digital media plan together.
  • Has the expertise needed to make logical decisions on where to promote your product/service online for optimal results.

Utilize the talents of our digital media planning experts, and you’ll be given the guidance you’ll need to leverage data, optimize your creative marketing efforts, and reach your target market before your competition does.

Digital Media Planning Stats

The following stats demonstrate why it’s so important to utilize digital media planning services in order to target and connect with your audience.

  •  81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases. (Retailing Today)

  • 64.6% of people click on Google ads when they are looking to buy an item online. (WordStream)

  • The average cost per click (CPC) in AdWords across all industries is only $2.32 on the search network and $0.58 on the display network. (WordStream)

Digital Media Buying

Digital media buyers understand how to negotiate and purchase audience-targeted advertising real estate online.

Once the advertising space is purchased, a marketer has the power to use paid segmentation marketing tactics to expose a highly targeted group of people to your unique marketing message in order to generate leads and increase your sales.

In order to select which digital medium to use, whom to target, and how much to spend in order to complete a successful campaign, a digital media buyer must consider…

  • Various digital media formats (social, display, native)
  • Various advertising rates (cost per click, cost per impression)
  • Segmented psychographic data
  • Segmented demographic data
  • Segmented geographic data
  • Segmented behavioral data

A successful digital media buyer knows how to use information from the data considered above to capture the attention of people and convert hot leads into customers.

The d3 Advantage: Digital Media Buying Matchback Services

It’s one thing to have access to data that gives you a clear picture of which audience you should be targeting online.

It’s a whole other ball game to have data that allows you to help track consumer behavior in a multichannel commerce environment.

At d3, we use matchback analysis to track and analyze how consumers respond to the content we put in front of them.

This process gives us the necessary information to help determine what happens on a consumer’s buying journey after being exposed to your marketing efforts. This incredibly valuable data then gives marketers the ability to help measure multichannel results.

Multichannel Media Buying Solutions

Media buying is all about using segmentation marketing strategies to reach the right audience so you can convert quality leads into sales.

Therefore, the more targeted your ads, email campaigns, targeted marketing campaigns, and targeted social media campaigns are, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to convert customers and increase your sales.

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Digital Media Buying Stats

  • When it comes to paid social media ads, the overwhelming majority of business owners use Facebook ads (84%), followed by Google ads (41%) and LinkedIn ads (18%). (Social Media Examiner)

  • YouTube’s net U.S. video ad revenues account for 18.9% of the U.S. digital video ad market. (eMarketer)

Programmatic Display and Retargeting Capabilities

At d3, we focus our efforts on 4 main areas of targeting for media planning and media buying efforts. Using the following 4 strategies, we are able to find and target our clients’ ideal target markets.

  1. Contextual Targeting: Contextual targeting allows us to match ads to brand-safe and relevant sites in a display network. This is done using keywords, search topics, and other data. Once the relevance at page level is determined, it enables us to maximize your bidding efforts, which saves you money and puts you in front of quality leads.

  2. Behavioral Targeting: We have the ability to leverage both online and offline behavioral activity, including highly targeted segments from our proprietary CC360 dataset.

  3. Site Retargeting: Site retargeting is one of the most valuable tactics in programmatic display and is often recommended as a strategy for most of our client campaigns. This strategy enables us to serve ads to consumers that have already visited your site and are therefore highly likely to re-engage with your brand.

  4. Search Retargeting: Search retargeting is used to target individuals who are actively searching for keywords or key phrases online. This form of retargeting can be highly effective in both staying front of mind and in capturing users that have demonstrated intent.

Improve Your Segmentation Marketing Efforts with Display in Email

At d3, we use display in email, which allows us to connect relevant, personalized offers and messages to customers using real-time data.

We access unique technology that allows us to take advantage of…

  • Exclusive access to 1,600+ top publishers’ and brands’ email newsletters.
  • Ad placement next to premium content.
  • Targeting that can achieve multiple goals including branding, CRM reactivation, and supplemental lift to digital marketing campaigns.
To sum it up, this unique form of display in email can be used to increase the return on investment in many ways, including…
  • New Customer Acquisition – When your paid ads are accurately targeted, it’s much easier to attract high-quality leads.
  • Reactivating lapsed customers and infrequent buyers – Digital media buying services help track the behavior of your potential customers, giving you the opportunity to interact with them on multiple occasions to make the sale.
  • Extending the reach of multichannel campaigns – Technology and data allows us to reach a wider audience across multichannel campaigns in order to find and attract high-quality leads.

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